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Dental cleanings are an essential part of your regular oral hygiene practices. Plan a dental cleaning at least two times per year at DiRenzo Family Dentistry. Dr. Gregory DiRenzo and Dr. Nicholas Bett oversee a staff of skilled hygienists who can deep-clean areas that daily at-home brushing and flossing can't reach. If you live in the region of Purcellville, Virginia, take action to care for your teeth by calling the office to make an appointment or using the online booking tool.

Dental Cleanings Q & A

Why Do I Need A Professional Dental Cleaning?

Regular dental cleanings help keep your teeth in tiptop shape. They prevent cavities and slow the progression of gum disease, which can cause tooth loss.

A dental cleaning can also erase deep stains caused by drinking coffee, tea, or red wine and those created by tobacco use. You leave a cleaning with a fresher mouth and brighter smile. Regular cleanings also help prevent chronic bad breath.

Plaque builds up on your teeth daily. Without regular cleanings, it can become excessive — leading to unhealthy gums and tooth decay.

How Can Taking Care of My Teeth Boost My Overall Health?

Research has drawn correlations between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Getting your teeth regularly cleaned at DiRenzo Family Dentistry can help lower your risk of certain diseases, including heart disease and stroke.

What Happens at a Routine Teeth Cleaning?

A routine cleaning includes scaling, root planing, and polishing. The staff at DiRenzo Family Dentistry also takes any necessary X-rays to see if there are problems inside the teeth or beneath the gum line.

During scaling, the hygienist removes plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces. They may use hand tools or an electric scaler, or a combination of both. The staff may offer you fluoride or sealants to protect teeth from decay.

Is it Bad if I Miss a Cleaning?

When you realize you’ve missed your six-month check-up, schedule one as soon as you can. If you miss cleanings repeatedly or neglect good oral hygiene practices at home, you may find cleanings uncomfortable.

Your gums may bleed, and your teeth feel sensitive. In cases of extreme discomfort, the staff at DiRenzo Family Dentistry may offer a topical anesthetic before the cleaning.

Will I See the Dentist During a Dental Cleaning?

While a hygienist performs the cleaning, Dr. DiRenzo or Dr. Bett usually visit you too. They review and update your medical history and observe any changes in the appearance of your teeth. They may also perform an oral cancer examination and evaluate your gum tissue.

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